Each engine is specifically designed for the driver and it's purpose.

We build for dirt, asphalt and drag strips. 

 We also do restorations, street rods and marine engines.

We don't use lesser quality parts purchased on-line or by mail order!

Most of the cams we use are designed by James and a cam grinder, not picked off the shelf.

James believes before he starts any engine project you must sit down and build on paper what you want to achieve, and then try to do that based upon your budget.

It does no good to start out building a great engine or car, only to run out of money and finish up with cheap components, that you will end up running over on the track or street.

There is no substitute for sound basic engine prep, like valve jobs, ring fitting, bearing fitting/oil clearance, camshaft selection and attention to details.

Smokey Yunick said, "Durability is as important as speed, and any modification that jeopardizes reliability in exchange for power is foolish!"

You'll  never see a racecar with a broken engine win a race.

BEWARE!!!   There is a big difference between an engine assembler and an engine builder

There are a lot of people who claim to be engine builders or who say they can build engines.  Be careful! Because the fact is, they are just assembling an engine.  Just like most 3 year olds can assemble a puzzle.   

*All clients who have a complete engine built, receive a portfolio relating to their engine. It contains a build sheet along with any pertinent information regarding the engine with all spec's, parts used, and labor done on their build.  Also included is a photo album of the build from start to finish.

*Our clients like the idea that they can stop by the shop anytime and check on the progress of their build.  They can see first hand what is being done to their engine and what parts are actually being used.

*We try to yearly have photo shoots with our clients' cars and our retro pin-up model and we produce a calendar that can be purchased for a nominal fee.

*Our engines have been raced on the Bonneville Salt Flats, dirt/asphalt tracks and drag strips. We have built engines that have driven cross country in the "Cannon Ball Run", the "Posies Driven Dirty Tour" and multiple trips from Indiana to Utah and California.  They are built to be driven and last!

*Auto Journalist Ken Gross writes," You did a great job on Mark's engine...we drove for hours at 2,000rpm/ 75 mph and it ran beautifully. Thanks very much."  He is referring to a blown flathead that we built for Dr. Mark VanBuskirk.

*"LandSpeed" Louse Noeth writes about our trips to the Bonneville Salt Flats, "Hey 2 runs better than no runs...at least you didn't break the new toy..Right!  Nothing would thrill me more to see some Hoosiers show up and clean the clocks of the California crowd......."

Hamilton Performance Engines